How Do I Qualify?

Is this program restricted to certain eligible companies?

In order to qualify for these savings and services, each Member Company MUST meet the following requirements:

  • You must have more than 50 full-time and part-time employees.

  • The average salary must be over $23,000 for those employees.

  • Your company must be in business for more than three years.

  • Your company must not be in one of the restricted industries.

Note: to be underwritten for this select risk pool there are NO individual underwriting questions like with several other plans.

⇒ See if you are eligible for the second tier administration packages with even more time savings options and liability savings.


Happy Customer:

Actually, we had a 479 plan and SBE479 helped us save over $200,000. We recommend them.

Gina Jehn – Prevalent
(178 employees)

Can we really have access to the same benefits and expensive software programs available to much larger companies?

Yes and your HR person, administrator or spouse will love you for reducing their workload and paperwork.

And you will be able to run your business better!

Will these systems monitor my ACA compliance?

Yes, including offering ACA (ObamaCare) compliant plans – reducing potential fines and penalties!

Can these plans also lower my Worker’s comp Costs?

Sometimes, but not always.

Did you know that in 2016 if you have under 100 employees you will have a different health insurance rate for each person – did you know that?

Wow, how are you going to administer that?  These programs even eliminate that headache with standard rates we are all used to.

How can you really do this for companies?

Because the insurance companies that participate (AETNA and United Health) only allow certain companies to participate.

There are strict underwriting limitations to get into this fully insured pool (it is not self-insured and the rates and benefits are guaranteed by the insurance companies.)

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