What are Real People saying about SBE479.ORG?

“Small Business Efficiency 479” eliminated 90% of the paperwork that we did before! I love them.

CEO, mid-size paper company in the Southeast

  Happy SBE479.org client

Before we joined this program I couldn’t get enough time to actually run and grow my business. They saved us money and relieved us of tons of administrative burdens and liabilities. My company has grown, my stress level has dropped and life is really better now.

Owner of company with 78 employees in the Northeast

dvuAnd another happy customer!

I was totally concerned about the ACA penalties and compliance, and all the other HR liabilities I knew I didn’t know about. What I did know was that we were going to get big fines and I didn’t really know what to do about it. This company solved it all – amazingly! Also the service people are knowledgeable and great to deal with!

Owner of New Jersey consulting firm with 65 employees

My wife gave me a big kiss when I told her she wouldn’t have to keep doing all the paperwork she had been doing for years!

Employer in Pennsylvania with 19 employees

I didn’t realize how out of compliance we were. The audit showed over $74,000 in fines and now, potential jail time? They eliminated the problems. Thank you!

Call Center with 40 employees

baked by melissa…And Another!

Thank you, sir!!  Thank you for helping me through this journey!

It was a pleasure! 🙂

And for good measure, here’s a couple more!


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