Want to see if your company can get access to the national Small Business Program?
You may be eligible to reduce your personal liability, corporate liability, insurance premiums, administration all at once!
THE PROCESS IS SIMPLE.  WE WILL TELL YOU IF YOU QUALIFY & PROVIDE RATES WITHIN 3 DAYS. There is a one time corporate member fee to join the buying group of $750 if you qualify.

Over 130,000 employers in the USA take advantage of this program including:


Happy Customers

“SBE479 saved us $524,000 compared to our broker with better benefits and better systems. They are great, professional and it was a pleasure. FYI our renewal this year was actually less than last year.”

Piyush Sharma,COO, Samuels Jewelers (325 employees)

“We had some quotes, but they weren’t what we wanted, somehow my Director of HR found SBE479, and literally in less a week they reduced our costs over 32%, got us rate guarantees, and the contract provisions we needed. It was amazing actually.”

Adam Berkson, President TSDglobal (175 covered)

“I never heard of these buying groups before. Honestly, it seemed odd, but when I had my CFO do our due diligence, it was very real. They represent, New York Stock Exchange, publicly traded firms, that gave us access to state of the art technology, through incredible HRIS systems, that made our whole company operate easier. They wound up reducing our Group Medical Costs significantly with a major insurance company. I totally recommend you listening to them and at least get a proposal.”

Oregon Tech Firm (239 employees)

“Actually, we had a 479 plan and SBE479 helped us save over $200,000. We recommend them.”
Gina Jehn, Senior Director of HR, Prevalent (178 employees)


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