About SBE479

Running a business today is harder than it’s ever been.

Today’s businesses face constantly rising medical premiums, on-boarding headaches, government filings and so many more challenges.

In fact, no one can do it all.

So how do other business leaders deal with all this successfully?

They turn to us for help.


We’re named after the new federal law (S.479 – “The Small Business Efficiency Act”), which allows small to medium sized businesses to become part of a larger, federally certified group program for health insurance and other business services.

It was passed by congress for good reason – to make American businesses more competitive and profitable by reducing risk, liabilities and red-tape for business owners. These advantages stem from a very simple concept – allow access for small business to the buying power and systems of larger companies while providing relief from various liabilities and responsibilities.

Interest in this program has exploded since the passage of the legislation. Over 130,000 businesses are taking advantage of this program, with some notables companies such as: Victoria Secret, Garmin, Snapchat, 1-800-Flowers, and Au Bon Pain.

We’re America’s largest business buying group, which means significant cost and time savings for our clients.

We’re not Insurance Brokers


Your insurance broker is a relic. Antiquated.

They were great when the benefits landscape was easier, but times have changed. This new law has shaken up the industry, and brokers are in the dark. They’ll never tell you about the new laws because their commissions are far less than buying groups.

Benefits of working with SBE479

  • This is all we do. We know which buying groups are legitimate
  • We have clout with the buying groups
  • We have a great team with experienced underwriters
  • Not all buying groups are the same. We will match you with the right one.
  • Deep experience with group healthcare and workman’s compensation

A talented team with over 50 years of insurance experience


Happy Customer:

“I didn’t realize how out of compliance we were. The audit showed over $74,000 in fines and now, potential jail time? They eliminated the problems. Thank you!” Call Center with 40 employees<


We are here to answer your questions. All it takes is 15 short minutes! You can even set up a time that’s convenient for your busy schedule!