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It was amazing actually. I shopped direct for PEOs. I got quotes. Then we found SBE479. Within a week they reduced the quotes from the PEOs we were thinking about by literally $30 per month per employee. For our firm with 90 employees this meant an annual savings of $32,400. They also got us a quote from one of the large PEOs that was another $25 a head less and therefore another $27,000 a year savings. Given more time they could have lowered the medical and WC also and the startup fee but we just went ahead with those savings. You should also mention to your prospects that this 479-buying group saved us almost $120,000 over our renewal for apples to apples medical coverage for our 85 employees. I recommend you use them before going direct – it will save you so much wasted time and save you a great deal of fees and premiums.

… Cody Clepper C.F.O.

Happy Customers

“SBE479 saved us $524,000 compared to our broker with better benefits and better systems. They are great, professional and it was a pleasure. FYI our renewal this year was actually less than last year.”

Piyush Sharma,COO, Samuels Jewelers (325 employees)

“We had some quotes, but they weren’t what we wanted, somehow my Director of HR found SBE479, and literally in less a week they reduced our costs over 32%, got us rate guarantees, and the contract provisions we needed. It was amazing actually.”

Adam Berkson, President TSDglobal (175 covered)

“I never heard of these buying groups before. Honestly, it seemed odd, but when I had my CFO do our due diligence, it was very real. They represent, New York Stock Exchange, publicly traded firms, that gave us access to state of the art technology, through incredible HRIS systems, that made our whole company operate easier. They wound up reducing our Group Medical Costs significantly with a major insurance company. I totally recommend you listening to them and at least get a proposal.”

Oregon Tech Firm (239 employees)

“Actually, we had a 479 plan and SBE479 helped us save over $200,000. We recommend them.”
Gina Jehn, Senior Director of HR, Prevalent (178 employees)



Health Insurance Increases


Filing ANY government compliance forms


Age banded health rates or Community Rates


Lawsuit sexual harassment or other discrimination lawsuits


1095, 1094, 6056, 5500, mod raises, i-9’s, Payroll Headaches, On-boarding, etc..


Transferring data between payroll, time clock and scheduling systems


Personal liabilities from your business or your employees or the D.O.L. or the I.R.S.


Corporate and PERSONAL liabilities because any penalties and fines are literally the liability of another firm


Big unstoppable non negotiable insurance renewals – think 30% lower premiums!


Benefits administration


401k administration


Last minute renewals


SBE479 Organizations help businesses improve their employees’ overall Operations, reduce paperwork, reduce C-Suite PERSONAL Liabilities for over 300 compliance issues, provide Fortune 500 benefits and reduced costs and renewal costs for health insurance and worker’s compensation.

And believe it or not The SBE479 Federal Act also improves your ability to hire better employees and increase employee retention. 

Companies using a SBE479 ORGANIZATION experience

Lower employee turnover rates than those who don’t
SBE479 Organization’s take the stress out of employee benefits by more efficiently managing the day-today administration of health plans, conducting open enrollment periods, reconciling and remitting carrier invoices, and answering employees’ questions 

Not to mention far lower premiums to employees for great medical plans!

Clients more satisfied with their selections of available health care benefits and average of 28% premium reduction for Medical Coverage due to our buying power. 

Our average client saved over $1,351 dollars per employee last year.  

Our average client’s renewal was less than 6% the past 7 years!

in savings using a single vendor vs. multiple vendors

By utilizing a single vendor, small businesses are able to streamline their process, leaving more time for… and less time… therefore making you more profitable and much happier.

What are you waiting for?
Your competition is using us and saving money!

Over 130,000 employers in the United States take advantage of this program including firms as…


Get an unfair advantage over the competition.

Eliminate PERSONAL and Corporate Fines and Penalties.  

Ask about the $5,000,000 dollar penalty payment guarantee.

This Federal Act codifies certain federally certified firms to do things your insurance broker, payroll company and your insurance companies cannot do – pool better risks together and accept your compliance liabilities.

SBE479 Organizations are legally able to have your risks transferred to them and the SBE479 Organization will pay your the penalties, lawsuits and fines for the inevitable headaches you will face –   like sexual discrimination, wage payment lawsuits, overtime regulation, wrong hiring and firing, incorrect non digital i-9 paperwork, E.R.I.S.A. and A.C.A. violations, etc…


Stop subsidizing everyone’s insurance costs at your expense

By law, IBC, UNITED HEALTH,EMPIRE, CIGNA, HORIZON, AETNA and all Insurance Companies have to accept every company in their small group programs – all at the same rate (maybe based on age depending on the state) rates are high and getting more expensive.

Your broker can only get you small group dirty insurance pooled non negotiable late delivered rates.  

They and therefore you have no leverage.  Become part of larger better risk pool (better risk because by law they can turn away bad risks the make insurance pools dirty) – better risks mean lower costs and lower renewals to you and your employees.

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getting an unfair advantage over the competition.

Reduce your personal liability, corporate liability, insurance premiums and administration ALL AT ONCE.

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